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If you are an entrepreneur, have a “side hustle,” home-based business, 1099 or are a freelance, subcontractor, independent contractor or a sole proprietor, YOU ARE A BUSINESS OWNER! If you are an employee and receive a W2, I recommend, you start one of the above.

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"Vicky has been preparing my taxes for the past 11 years! I don't go anywhere else, She has helped me so much. She's honest and is always looking out for me and goes out of her way to help."
~ Grace Zamora - Dental Assistant
"Vicky is a not only a pleasure to work with and knowledgeable about her field, but she always has your best interest in mind, regardless of situation."
~ Erick Macek - musician
""Vicky es una persona honesta y amable. Te prepara los taxes en cuanto tú le des toda la información, rápido y eficiente . A mi me los a preparado des que ella empezó a preparar taxes. Su trabajo es profesional. Gracias, Vicky. Siempre cuento con usted."
~ Elizabeth Torres - Self Employed
"Vicky Aguilar is fast, efficient and professional on tax preparing.  Not only did she make us aware of deductions that we did not claim, but we received more of a substantial refund amount on our return. Vicky also reviewed my previous years’ taxes done by another preparer, and immediately recognized that our house interest was not claimed as well as a few other things.
In the end, Vicky amended them and we received a $4,200 refund.  This was truly a blessing.  Vicky is now my tax preparer for life."
~ Esther Schneider
"I live and work outside of the USA 95% of the year. Doing my taxes use to be a problem that I didn’t look forward to, until I met Vicky. She has made it so easy for me to get my taxes done through her online services!!! What was once a problem, has now become a solution when it comes to tax time. I highly recommend Vicky. She makes it easy to file and she’s very professional, friendly, and helpful!"
~ Desi Torres - International Missionary to Mexico
"Hello, my name is Irene. I've used Aguilar Tax Services for the past three years & I'm very happy with the service. It's a fast & easy online service! I give it 5 stars!'
~ Irene Blanks - Personal Fitness Instructor
"It is my pleasure to highly recommend Aguilar's Tax Services to anyone to needs their taxes done. She is extremely informed and professional. Vicky is honest and has integrity and I can promise she will do an outstanding job for anyone who needs help with their taxes. I have utilized her tax services for a few years now and am more than satisfied with the results."
~ Ross Furrow - School Teacher
"My tax person of several years retired. I switched to Vicky's tax service & have been very pleased with her services. She's honest, quick, efficient & works well over the phone & online. I highly recommend her tax service. You won't be disappointed!"
~ Shannon Donnelly - Self Employed
"Thanks to Aguilar Tax Services. I always feel secure that everything is done correctly since Vicky takes such pride in what she does. I have used her for the past 6 yrs. and she has always ensured me the maximum return possible. She promptly returns any messages or emails and keeps you informed throughout the process."
~ Cyndi Orozco - dental office manager
"Vicky is very professional and the convenience of her online services made it perfect for my busy schedule!"
~ Chad Sherman - realtor 

"Vicky Aguilar is a excellent tax professional, and  is passionate about helping others. Being an active duty family, we have complex tax returns that vary from year to year. Vicky goes out of her way to ensure that we always get the best return possible. I love being able to file taxes on her secure website, and being able to upload my tax documents from my iPhone. If you're looking for a honest, reliable, and caring tax pro, Vicky is your person. We wouldn't trust anyone else with our taxes. "

~ Tylor & Priscilla Trujillo

"Filing your taxes with Victoria is very convenient with the secure mobile phone service she provides. She is a pleasure to work with, a quick responder and answers any questions you have.  She is affordable and is a professional. I would highly recommend Aguilar Tax Services to all my friends and family."

~ Maria Loza

"Vicky as my tax preparer is very dependable. She answers all of my questions in regards with IRS issues. She makes sure that you get the maximum tax return you can get and so very helpful explaining the areas we are confused about our taxes. I will definitely recommend her, she saves us so much of our time."

~ Connie Burias - nurse 

"Durante muchos año estuve cambiando De agente que hiciera mis impuestos nunca estuve conforme con El servicio que me brindavan hasta que Un amigo me recomendo aguilartaxservice.  

El servicio y la amavilidad que aguilartaxservice me brindo y la forma De explicarme Paso a Paso es maravillosa De verdad se los recomiendo.  Es rapido seguro y economics."  
~ Andres Miramontes- Chef
"I have used Vicky's services since 2008 as a referral from a family member that had used her in the past. I'm extremely satisfied every time and I now have referred her to everyone I know. 
Using Vicky's tax services gives me a piece of mind every time. I can always trust that she has my best interest at heart."
~ Perla Lara - manager 

"I have used Vicky as my tax person for awhile.  She is always there if I have questions and I feel confident in her knowledge.  Being that it is online makes doing business with Vicky very convenient and secure.  No trust worries for me."

~ Cathie Calcagnie - Court Reporter

Outstanding service! Vicky provides excellency and is very helpful. She is trustworthy and it is always a delight working with her.  She's been doing my taxes online for years.  It's easy, secure and saves time.  I love that I don't have to go to a tax office.

~ Simiry Cuadra - Customer service & college student

"I am self-employed & Victoria has been an excellent tax preparer for me for the last nine years. At the beginning we would meet in person, but after some time I noticed how reliable, professional & trustworthy she is and now every year, I contact her by email or over the phone to give her my tax information. It is so easy & convenient to be able to do this from the comfort of my home. She is always available to help us even on short notice. She always answers all my questions promptly. My husband & I are both extremely pleased with her services. It has been a real pleasure to work with Victoria Aguilar and I highly recommend her to anyone."
~ Carolina Diaz - Self Employed
"Victoria is a phenomenal tax professional. She provides excellent service. She is always on time, honest and reliable. I would highly recommend Victoria to anyone for tax services. I have been helping with me taxes for over ten years now."
~ Susana Ruby - Customer Service
"Los servicios de impuestos de Victoria han sido los mejores. Ella ha estado preparando nuestros impuestos muchos años y nos ayudado mucho. Ella siempre está dispuesta a responder cualquier pregunta que tengamos durante todo el año."
~ Hugo de Santos - Construction
I love Vicky Aguilar's tax service!! Great, fast and friendly service. She is the best around!! I would not use anyone else now!!  BEST ONLINE TAX SERVICE!!!!
~ Dulce Beltran - Fitness Trainer
"Vicky has been preparing my taxes for years now. I have never had any complications or issues. She makes herself available at all times, therefore making it easy to communicate with her if I have any questions throughout the process. Her service is convenient, safe & fast. She gets everything done in a timely manner & I don't have to leave the comfort of my home. Plus she is so trustworthy!"
~ Elizabeth Lopez - Customer Service